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About Raffel Senior Housing

Raffel Senior Housing specializes in developing and operating senior housing facilities. We also provide consulting and management services to other owners and developers of senior housing and to existing providers who wish to increase their performance. Our affiliate company, Raffel HealthCare Group, Inc. is a successful management company in the highly regulated skilled nursing field. This experience has proved to be invaluable in developing and managing senior housing projects, especially assisted living. Our regulatory experience makes us ideally situated to succeed in all types of senior housing alternatives, which are increasingly subject to stricter and more complex regulations.

We are active members of MidAtlantic LifeSpan, a non-profit group representing senior service providers and ALFA, the Assisted Living Federation of America.

Our Mission: "We develop and implement thoughtful ideas to make senior housing services attractive, affordable and approachable, designed for resident satisfaction and investor value."

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